Monday, August 9, 2021

Marvel Monday: Doctor Doom for Godbound


Doctor Doom for Godbound

AC: 3 (Requires a magic weapon)
HD: 8
Attack: +10 x4
Morale: 11
Move: 40' flying
Save: 10+
Damage: 2d8, magic weapon
Effort: 8
Words: Engineering, Fate, Knowledge, Sorcery

• A Truth That Burns
• A World Far Off
• Adept of the Gate
• Blessed Blueprints
• Disclose the Flaw
• Fade Into Fate
• Greater Pavis of Rule
• Persistence of Being
• Take the Will
• The Subtle Eye of Knowing
• The Will That Binds
• Weak Spot
• Wizard's Wrath

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