Friday, August 6, 2021

Rifts: Xiticix Warrior for Stars Without Number & Worlds Without Number

Stars Without Number's Heroic Classes model megadamage pretty darn well if you want to use it.

Xiticix Warrior for Stars Without Number

HD: 2
AC: 14
Atk: +2 x 3
Dmg: 1d8+1, Shock 2/AC 13
Move: 20m, flying
ML: 10
Skills: +1
Save: 14+

• When rolling the Notice skill or Initiative roll 3d6 and drop the lowest die.

• Evasion Saving throws are 12+

These loathsome creatures were once Necrontyr who managed to retain some of their original consciousness when they were transferred into their living metallic bodies of necrodermis, but were cursed with a terrible disease, manifesting a hunger for flesh that cannot be satisfied and that eventually drove them to madness.

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