Wednesday, August 4, 2021

RPGaDAY Day 3 Tactic

Hmmm...Tactic. Many of the RPG groups have used tactics to varying degrees of success. My Divine Soul Human Sorcerer, Clete, isn't very tactically inclined. He's the only Arcane caster in the group and most sessions the only healer. As a Sorcerer, I try to focus my Metamagic to bolster healing with things like Twin Spell and the one that lets you make a touch spell out to 30 feet. It's refreshing to play healer as it's a whole different mindset to the game focusing on the action in a support role and to be willing to not for the big damage numbers...that is what our two Paladins are for. I've used Greater Invisibility as our group started going down to keep myself up and able to bring some allies back up.

I guess tactics is just a holdover from our wargame roots? Or maybe people just like fighting games? I've had sessions without any combat and its just as rewarding as a fun fight but in the end the tactic, in my opinion, are about taking out the bad guy.


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