Thursday, July 6, 2017

Oakhurst: Heading Into the Deep, Dark Unknown

My Oakhurst game is designed to be a sandbox, so I'm attempting to have some plot threads available to sew together and simply let the player's drive the story.

Last week, they discovered a supply depot on the outskirts of the village was home to a strange family, the Karnaks, not only was infested with ratmen (think M:tG's Nezumi or the Old World's Skaven), but that the family appeared to worship an ancient chaos god known as the Great Horned One. They also began exploring a tunnel that had been connected to the depot's basement.

This week, the group decided to explore the stairs, in all of their ancient and slick glory.

First they encountered a minor poison trap, which led them to face off against 3 darkmantles.

Next they encountred a patrol of 2 rat-ogres (reskinned quagoths).

Weary, out of healing spells, they decided to take a short rest.

After descending nearly 200 feet into the Underdark, they were just a few minutes away from the eerie ancient hall with walls seeped in bloody symbols dedicated to the Great Horned One. They could make out vague details of the rooms that it led to toward the east and west...and then a xorn burst through the wall of the landing they stood upon and quickly laid their thief low. Our dwarven cleric remembered that xorn's were immune to normal weapons and the group, after a few more hits by the viscious monstrocity, ran. They simply turned tail and headed upward, even carrying their fallen thief (who rolled a crit on his third Death save).

As a DM, I was proud of them. The xorn was a random encounter and I wasn't sure how well they would weather that fight as they are only level 3.

After making their way out of the stairs and sealing up the tunnels, they gots a good night's sleep (though the monk seems to have contrasted some illness) they woke up to hunt down a hag, Angelika, that has unleashed the Yellow Plague upon the halflings of the village.

It's a night, bright summer day and their band has set out on yet another mission.

Until next week.

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