Sunday, July 9, 2017

1,000 Faces: Kassandra Kray

Kassandra Kray is a bandit leader in her early 30s, who command the Violet Horde, which has plagued the Sword Coast for the last two years. She has also done mercenary work for the Arcane Brotherhood and she has also sold information to the Lords' Alliance. Kass is a natural leader and master tactician.

While Kass has earned solid reputation as the hard-nosed leader of her band, it has allowed her to work within the shadows to combat slavery in the region. In fact, 40% of her band is made up of slaves that she has freed and who have been willing to join the Horde and find a place for them where they are their own masters.

Kass is a Human 5th Level Battle-Master Fighter and a 2nd Level Swashbuckler Rogue. Kass was a guardswoman in Baldur's Gate in her youth and the human misery she lived on a daily basis lead her to a life on the road. She has an interest in history, especially the reign of Netheril, and rumors insist that she will not let her Horde rob a historian or sage they encounter. Kass is a casual worshiper of Tempus.

Kass is 6' 1", is long and lean, with long raven-black locks and deep, dark eyes. She is talkative, sly, and flirty when raiding a group on the road and does her best to use as little violence as possible. She is intensely loyal to her Horde and will track down and bloodily torture anyone who injures or kills one of her own.
In private, she is a bit shy, likes talking history and current events, and is an intense listener.  She has a older sister, Trina and a younger brother, Kalvin, who both live in Thundertree. She tries to make time to quietly visit them at least twice a year and helps them fund the farm they and their families work.

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