Friday, July 21, 2017

Oakhurst: Deeper and Deeper

After a pact with a Hag, our Cleric, Druid, Rogue, and Monk returned to the village via a teleportation spell. The Cleric found a halfling volunteer for a cure from the Hag and the Rogue volunteered himself. 

The Hag was angry. She wanted a halfling, not a human.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group quickly headed to Oakhurst through the Hag's territory, the Bone Thieves Orc territory (and the massive smoke to the southwest) and plains during bulette mating season and the hill giants who hunt them.

The Monk headed to the nearest bar, Frye's, while Corkie, servant of Pelor questioned the Cleric about the halfling Hugh (a father with 3 living children), who had gone missing (their volunteer).

Then the Hag contacted the Cleric, Druid, and Monk telepathically. The Cleric and Druid were so shocked by the mental intrusion they vomited (and gained 2 levels of exhaustion) while the Monk became sober. The Hag was FURIOUS. She wanted halflings, not humans. She demanded an offering (and the geas they were under enforced it). She teleported a fetish to the Monk who found a short young human woman and sent her to the Hag. Which only made the Hag MORE furious. She sent another fetish to the Cleric, who found Hugh's oldest daughter, Rona and offered for her to see her father again, she agreed and POOF.

Corkie found the Cleric with witnesses saying that he had been around Rona before she disappeared, but he talked his way out of trouble and took the Druid looking for the Monk at the nearest tavern.

Meanwhile, the barkeep told the Monk that he need to pay up some hush money because he had seen the whole exchange with the young woman. The Monk paid up and got drunk again.

When the Cleric and Druid found the Monk, they learned what he had done. Meanwhile, the barkeep, who said he didn't see anything, mentioned that whatever didn't happen, it didn't happen to the Mayor's daughter, Myrtle.

They panicked and waited outside of the village for the rest of the group.

Once everyone was reunited all hell broke loose. The Paladin, Ranger, and Wizard wanted to turn the others, prompting the Monk to swing at the Paladin. As the Mayor and two guards arrived they witness the brawl and as the Monk lay unconscious learned about Myrtle.

The Mayor had the Monk locked in jail and took everyone else to his office, while having more guards arrive, as well.

The Cleric told their story, all of it.

The Mayor was shocked, he sent for Corkie, and the Cleric told it again.

The Mayor and Corkie asked for time to discuss things privately, but the Wizard, who was invisible remained to eavesdrop. As the Mayor and Corkie had concluded that while the situation with the Hag searching wasn't ideal, they had no other solutions, but Myrtle had to be rescued, the Wizard appeared to agree with Corkie (they are both gnomes). The Mayor was furious at his spying and had everyone locked up, while Corkie talked some sense into him.

A few hours later, she arrived to tell them that they needed to go to the Hag's hut, retrieve Myrtle's body dead or alive and bring back the cure. However, the Monk would remain in jail and his sentence would not be determined until Myrtle's fate was known.

The group rested for a few hours and headed out at first light (again). In the early afternoon, they came upon a dilapidated mill and sensed the presence of zombies. They learned that a dozen orc zombies were being led by an orc shaman. A back and forth battle ensued, but the group prevailed, shaken but resolute.

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