Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Shadow of the Demon Lord: The Endjinn Manual

Robert Schwalb has produced some truly amazing supplements and adventures for Shadow of the Demon Lord, but one of my favorites is from his Poison Pages line, Dark Passages, and features random table to create mysterious and diabolical books for your campaign.

Here is a second one I rolled up:

Professor Thespia Ingot and her team uncovered the Endjinn Manual while excavating a site she believes to be from the days of Old Karkosa. Strange pieces of metal and weirdly engineered constructions littered the chamber where it had been forgotten ages ago.
It is a slim tome with pages of pure silver that is incredibly similar to paper. The Manual is in poor shape with several loose pages and apparent burning that has charred the last dozen pages and back cover. The cover is made from an unknown alloy that is almost violet in hue and it’s edges are razor sharp and whose cuts cause serious infection.
Whoever penned the Manual, did so in High Archaic with tiny, cramped script using an oil-based ink of electric blue. There are a few diagrams that showcase terrifying constructions, but as the Manual progresses the skill of the artist seems to devolve, into child-like renderings.
The Manual is an introduction to the Loomingblight Academy, where Old Karkosa’s finest Magineers were trained in the design and construction of the world’s most terrifying engines of war. It is believed to be a teaching text on their engineering program. 
The binding has been confirmed by Ingot’s colleague, Maester Pwen Pwaul, to be constructed with the muscle ligaments of an elf.

Reading the Endjinn Manual completely allows the reader to learn the Engineering Profession, as well as, the Technomancy Utility, Caltrops.

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