Sunday, May 22, 2016

Hard Times In Jarlsburg: Zorceries, An Archmages's Musings

The tome, Zorceries, is the collected theories on Wizardry penned by the archmage, Zen Zao Zing, over the course of her long, long life.

While many nefarious personalities claimed responsibility for Zing's demise over a decade ago, the truth is far more ridiculous.  Zen Zao Zing was playing in a poker game with several other potent Magic Users--Klute of Hung, Quagnar Ra, Lady Agatha Bronte, and the demigod Clea Thunderstone. Zing lost badly to Clea, and bet the demigod double or nothing that if imprisoned within her own grimoire that she could escape.

Clea took the bet and Zing is now imprisoned within Zorceries, which currently sits on the shelves of The Gilded Scroll which may be found on High Street in Jarlsburg. She's been working to escape for fourteen years.

Whenever someone with the Spellcasting skill reads Zorceries for an hour or more, they must make a Notice roll. On a raise, they become aware of Zen Zao Zing trying to get their attention by manipulating the words on the page. The archmage will instruct them on how to free her, a ritual that requires 15 gp worth of material and the eyetooth of a mimic.

If someone with the Spellcasting skill finishes reading Zorceries and they learn or know the Dispel power, they may cast it for 2 Power Points, instead of 3.

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