Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Review: Rifles of Atlantis for Savage Worlds from GRAmel

Rifles of Atlantis is a pulp adventure and mini-setting for Savage Worlds from GRAmel.

The adventure opens with the following:

"August 1940. The Nazi war machine has recently engulfed France and prepares to invade the British Isles, while its Wolf Pack units hunt transports from the New World. On the Pacific, Japan anxiously looks toward the Philippines in preparation for further expansion. The United States struggle to maintain neutrality, despite being harried by Nazi U-Boats. In the midst of the chaos, a single German U-95 submarine loses it’s bearings and stumbles upon an outpost, a remnant of the lost civilization of Atlantis. World War II is about to take a turn for the weird."

Rifles of Atlantis presents four Pregenerated characters who are designed to be easily fit into the adventure, though you can provide your own.

We learn about the various Factions of Atlantis, their leaders, goals, and what they may compromise for, if anything to open up the adventure.

Then the adventure kicks off at a Summit where Atlantis' future will be discussed and moves through seven separate episodes that are filled with action, adventure, opportunities to role play, social interaction, and fun.

We get details on the "super computer" that guides Atlantean life and full stats for enemies and allies.

One of my favorite parts is the Aftermath section, which features options for the future of the setting depending on how the player's resolve things and who comes out on top.

This adventure is an excellent value and can't recommend it enough.

In fact, all of the GRAmel products I've purchase have been top notch!

You can buy the PDF here.

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