Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Duchy of St. Cuthbert: The Pitch Steed for 13th Age

Ask anyone in the Duchy how Black Hill got its name and they'll tell you about Old Night Hill, whose ancient megaliths were plundered to settle and defend the town that has grown up around it.  

But ask an elder of Black Hill and they will look about, spit on the ground and tell you the tale of Sonya Haas and her unfaithful husband, Jasper and the Pitch Steed she conjured forth with her spite and her blood and her innocence   Riding the beast, she harried Jasper down for a full day and night before murdering him and the harlot he was cavorting with.

Most agree, Sonya is long dead, but that starless stallion may still be seen stalking the lands around Black Hill.  Some say its looking for a rider craving vengeance, so that it may have purpose once again.


"She's a fine animal.  All she needs is a new rider.  A devastated, relentless, terrible rider whose need for revenge is greater than their need to live."

-Corra Manley, Elder of Black Hill and purported to be Sonya Haas' baby sister.

2nd level [SPIRIT ANIMAL] 
Initiative: +2

C: Ride You Down +7 vs. PD - 7 damage
        Natural Even Roll:  Same or smaller size target is knocked
     prone (at -4 AC and -4 PD until they spend move action to get

R: Breath Balefire +11 vs. PD (1d3 nearby enemies) - 5 damage
     Miss: 2 damage.

Nastier Specials
Night Rider: It and its rider may teleport to a nearby location (recharge 11+).

Friend of the Night: When the escalation die is odd, it takes half damage from weapons.

AC 18

PD  16               HP 36

MD 12

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