Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Antimony: Gustav Blunt for Numenera and the Cypher System

There is a village two days travel far north of the Spiritlands, Antimony, that will celebrate its tenth anniversary this High Summer Eve.  Two Aeon Priests and thirty dedicated pilgrims settled these lands while searching for the Saturnine Vallation.  They chose the site due to its proximity to fresh water, pleasant grasslands for their livestock to graze, and rich soil to grow their food.  Within a month of the found the villagers discovered veins of protovoltaic in the nearby Lambent Hills.  

Today, the protovoltaic trade has proven profitable enough to fund the building of  high walls around the village and allowed Antimony to swell to almost one-hundred and twenty souls.  

Their search of the Saturnine Vallation, however, continues to this day.

Unbeknownst to the pilgrims, Astrid Stormwalker and her companion Diffidence of the Blood Red Sun, both Aeon Priests of the Amber Papacy, had access to a magnificent artifact, the Locus Bridge, that allows them to travel between their new home and Qi.  As Antimony has blossomed, the Papacy has used the village's location to maintain an extraordinary amount of data on Lostrei and the Gaians.

As the village's anniversary approaches, please let me introduce you the citizens and locales of Antimony:

Gustav is 6'9" with a booming voice and hearty sense of humor.  He is one of three founders of the eXodus Trading Company that operates out of Antimony.  While he wasn't one of the original thirty pilgrims, he has lived in Antimony for seven years and was sent here by the Amber Papacy due to his skills at negotiation.

Gustav is a dealmaker, both honest and well respected.  His reputation is paramount and he views violence as a last resort.

He is set to marry his fiancé, Juniper Habajabeeja, the village's Master Alloy Smith, at the beginning of Winter.


Motive: To spy on the Gaians of the Spiritlands
Environment: The trade routes all around Antimony
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 3
Armor: 2
Movement: Short
Modifications: Fast Talk 4, Might defense 4, Salesman and Trader 4, Loyal to the Amber Papacy 2

Combat: Gustav would rather talk his way out of fight.
I Mean You Know Harm: If Gustav rolls a 17+ on his defense roll, his enemies will trust what he is saying and lower their weapons.
Chosen: He has 1 random artifact.

Use: Gustav can easily hire the characters to work on his caravan and explore the trade routes around Antimony.  If he trusts them, he may even recruit them as agents of the Amber Papacy to help him continue to gain intelligence on the Gaians.
Loot: 1 artifact.

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