Friday, November 20, 2015

A Mirror, Darkly: The Si-Fan

Founded by Fu Manchu, the Si-Fan has haunted the civilized world like a vengeful ghost willing to release pain, suffering, and terror in a seemingly random pattern for well over a century.  He owes his seeming immortality to the mysterious Elixir Vitae.

Unfortunately for the world's police and intelligence agencies, there is nothing random to the Si-Fan's goals.

The Devil Doctor's organized crime ring is responsible for racketeering, assassinations, drug trafficking, smuggling, and human trafficking all over the globe.  Additionally, Fu Manchu has always entertained an strong interest in the occult and seems to always have one artifact or another the is pursuing.

The Si-Fan is comprised of the world's most ambitious and brilliant minds who have access to great wealth and opportunities by pledging their allegiance to Fu Manchu.

For the last three decades, the Si-Fan and its founder have operated completely in the shadows and quietly manipulated events behind the scenes, with Fu Machu's daughter, Fah Lo Suee taking a greater role. In 1999, Fu Manchui decided  to explore the anomalous Siege Perilous and is still missing.

The Devil's Daughter has altered the organization's modus operandi dramatically, fully embracing current technologies and dramatically increasing the secret societies stranglehold, while maintaining its anonymity.

Additionally, she heads a small team of occultists and scientists that have learned that the Siege Perilous is a gateway to other universes and has begun using it to explore those new worlds.  She has assigned only her most trusted agents to this task and has had great success in reaping the riches of new worlds, while gaining invaluable information.  Fah Lo Suee is also hopeful that one day her provocateurs will reunite her and Fu Manchu.


Motive: To serve the Devil's Daughter
Environment: Anywhere
Health: 12
Damage Inflicted: 4
Armor: 1
Movement: Short
Modifications: Acting  5, Initiative 5, Speed defense 5

Combat: Si-Fan agent provocateur's usually in operate in groups of 3 to 5 and have trained to function with zero backup for long periods of time as they explore the multiverse.
Martial Artist: If their target rolls a 1 on a Might defense roll, the agent provocateur inflicts 4 points of damage to them.
Black Science: They have 1 random cypher.

Devious: If their target rolls a 1 on an Intellect defense roll, the target loses their next action.
Use: Agent provocateur's are the most trusted and dependable of the Si-Fan's agents.  They are always one the look out for important technology and treasures and prepared to force an encounter with other multiversal travelers.
Loot: A dead agent provocateur has 1 cypher.

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