Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Cypher Friends: Goliath, a member of the Champions/Guardians for the Cypher System

Billy Jensen is the second hero to wear the Giants Helm.  The Helm was created when Zeus, father of the gods, charged Hephaestus, the god of the forge, with the task of fashioning a mystic harness into which he might pass a portion of his own power.

The wearer of the harness is filled with a sense of purpose. More than mortal, yet can still be slain. Neither invulnerable, nor immortal, but the harness will sustain the wearer and, given time, heal them of any wound short of death. The harness grants the wearer great stamina and strength. With a moments thought, the wearer can achieve the stature of a titan, but grow any larger than 82 inches tall and they will become weak with time.  

Billy has also been known to use the codename Giant, as well.

Driven Brick (Warrior) who Grows to Towering Heights

Level/Effort 1

Might 16 Edge 1
Speed 10 Edge 1
Intellect 10 

Armor 3

Special Abilities
Extra Edge
Bash (1 Might point)
Physical Skills
No Need For Weapons

Practiced with All Weapons
Trained in Climbing
Trained in Running
Trained in Intellect defense
Each day, choose one skill that you believe will clearly help you reach your goal. You are trained in tasks related to that skill.

The difficulty of all perception tasks is increased by one step.

Tier 1: Enlarge (1+ Might point). 

Power Shifts
Strength 2 Shifts
Residence 3 Shifts

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