Saturday, November 21, 2015

A Mirror, Darkly: Broken Moon Recursion

In last night's game, the mysterious vessel that the characters were trapped upon took them to what the Hoffman Institute has dubbed Earth Broken Moon.  They arrived in Chi-Town and learned that the wicked Queen Ariel and her brood of Moks had taken over the city, where she rules it with an iron fist.  However, after a prolonged search, the team tracked her to the tallest building in the ruined city and seemingly thwarted her, just before a terrible storm forced them to seek shelter in her titanic sanctum...

Broken Moon Attributes

Level: 4

Laws: Magic, Mad Science, Magic, Psionics
Playable Races: Humans, Moks, Mutants
Foci: Any
Skills: Sorcery, Super Science
Connection to Strange: An abandoned subway station underneath New York City
Connection to Earth: Various gates
Size: 3,958 miles (6,370 km) average radius, plus surrounding universe
Spark: 5%
Traits: Incite. Characters gain a +1 bonus on social rolls trying to convince others to throw off the yoke of tyranny.

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