Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My Realms: Fort Buckler

On the western edge of the Quivering Forest stands Fort Buckler, founded just over fifteen years ago as a home base and training ground for rangers of the Green Stride.

The Fort was a reward to Ranger Captain Eva Montcleef and her apprentice Sienna Rose Himler after aiding the wood elves of Green Hall in defeating K'takla the Demon Bear.

Eva eschewed traditional ranger training techniques and envisioned a larger scale training ground to swell the ranks of the Green Stride and to supersede the typical master and apprentice system that was well established.

In fact, her first recruit for the Fort is current Ranger Captain Jonas Hector, who took the mantle following Eva's death at the claws of the black dragon, Glamdroomechas.  While Hector strongly felt that Sienna Rose deserved the role, she decided it was time to move on from the Quivering Forest and joined an adventuring company with her lover, Arin Redwolf.

Hector is a gifted instructor and under his watch the ranks of the Fort grew to seventeen rangers and for the last several years, residents gladly claimed the forests and farms surrounding Phlan have never been safer.

However, over the last three months, the goblins of the Foulwater tribe have moved into Glamdroomechas' lair and began coordinated strikes throughout the area, going so far as to captures slaves to sell in the Underdark.

The Green Stride has lost seven of its rangers in that same period and is currently down to the Captain, three veterans and six novices.  With the help of some adventurers from Phlan they've discovered than an oni named Shoggoth has taken control of the Foulwater tribe and is responsible for the vicious attacks in the area and they are formulating a strike to shatter the tribe.

The Fort itself was built to house, comfortably, thirty people, but could hold double that for a short time.  Its walls and building are built from stout redwoods and the Forts name comes from Eva's explanation of the outpost as a "small but versatile shield for the people outside of Phlan's walls."
One interesting feature of the Fort is the Covenant, essentially a shed where any unidentified scrolls, books, or items are stored.  The Covenant is maintained by the bard, Esme L'Braun, who splits her time between the Fort and Melvaunt.

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