Monday, March 16, 2015

Elemental Evil: A New Campaign Begins

Tonight, my Monday group will make characters for our Elemental Evil/Princes of the Apocalypse game.  My original intention was to run Temple of Elemental Evil, but since Princes of the Apocalypse is near release (at least for my store as a WotC Premiere Retailer), I think at the very least it will be mash-up of old and new.

While I am a fan of Greyhawk, I've really grown excited about the Forgotten Realms again (as the My Realms articles show).  I've really enjoyed what WotC has done with the Moonsea Region in the Expeditions adventures and if I'm really lucky my Friday game (set in Phlan) and my Monday game (set in Mulmaster) might even crossover!

I have one character already made (from a player who can't make it tonight), Branson Stout, a fighter who owns a tavern.

I also have three new players interested in joining and need to talk it over with my current players (its the only game I run with only 4 people and part of me wants to protect that).

I'll keep you posted.

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