Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dead AGE: The Si-Fan

Founded by Fu Manchu, the Si-Fan has haunted the civilized world like a vengeful ghost willing to release pain, suffering, and death in a seemingly random pattern. 

Unfortunately for the world's police and intelligence agencies, there is nothing random to the Si-Fan's goals.

The secret society is comprised of the world's top criminals and assassins and had been the Doctor's right hand in achieving his dark goals. 

In recent times, it has operated completely in the shadows and quietly manipulated events behind the scenes, as Fu Machu's daughter, Fah Lo Suee usurped leadership in 1986 and led a campaign to fool the world into believing it no longer existed.  In fact, what has been pieced together in the last 3 years that is that somehow, Fah Lo Suee managed to imprison her father in the legendary Siege Perilous, hidden away on the plateau of Leng.

Fah Lo Suee altered the organization's modus operandi to gain strength from it's reported demise and was content to operate completely in shadows until the bio-terroist attack on Lanshiang by Neo-Umbrella last summer.

It was at this point that she learned that her father had escaped imprisonment from the Siege Perilous, and in fact had allowed his Elixir Vitae to be used in the development of a new strain of the dreaded C-Virus.  That reserach led to the discovery of the D-Virus, an extremely fast acting agent with unique mutagenic factors, that birthed zombies and monsters within one minute of exposure.

The Devil's Daughter and her web of spies were able to learn that her father had a two-fold plan that would remind the world of his malignant presence and allow him to steal the C-Virus research that New Edison was working on at their Starling lab.

Fah Lo Suee directed a small team to capitalize on the devastation caused by her father's attack, to steal the information he sought, right out from under his nose.

As the smoke and monsters were cleared from the dead city, New Edison CTO Courtney Westlake learned that her top researcher had disappeared and the lab's entire main frame had been stolen.

And the world remembered Fu Manchu.


Mark Means said...

What game is this for? Sounds very cool and love the avatar you used....Myrna Loy was great :)

Paul Weimer said...

The movie is terribly racist today, but it is a classic early role for Loy as Manchu's daughter.

Cross Planes said...

I really struggled with what image to use. But I felt Myrna Loy's beauty spoke for itself. While I don't want to glamorized racism (or promote it), I'm also posting about a fantasy RPG and the image transcended the ignorance of the past. On some level, I may, in fact deal with Fah's obvious lack of asian ancestry. Perhaps there can be a story hook for the player's to unravel?

Cross Planes said...

It's a cross pollination of Fu Manchu and early works about Master Villains, Resident Evil, and Alphas.

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