Sunday, February 3, 2013

Witch Hunters Chapter 1: Into the Wraithwood

The Cast
Cecile - 4th Level Rogue Scout
Lightning 4th Level Fighter Gunslinger (Marksman)

In the Duchy of St. Cuthbert, Agnes Bleach, the Sheriff of Graven and two of her Deputies were asked to look into the finding a missing shepherd boy and two of his flock.  Everret Frost's 3rd youngest son, Hampton had been missing for two full dawns and his flock was known to range dangerously close to the dreaded Wraithwood.

Cecile found Hampton's tracks and also the presence of some magical beast.  She and Lightning entered the gloom-filled forest and followed a rough path until it split in twain.

Cecile took the right and Lightning, very unsure of splitting up, took the left.  He soon found the skin of  one of the sheep hanging on a heavy branch, about 10 feet up in the area.  He climbed and investigated, before noticing a Displace Beast lounging less than 15 feet above him, in the same tree.  He narrowly avoided it's assault and was able to shake off the effects of it's strange enchantment.

After the beast suffered a hard fall to the ground, Lightning adroitly pounced on it and roughly handled it by it's weird tentacles.  He then used his gift of talking with animals to make it understand he meant no lasting harm and in fact, need it's help.  The beast agreed to the truce and quickly explained that the Witch had killed the sheep and taken the boy.  It even agreed to show him the way to her lair.

Lightning and Kitten, as he called the Displacer Beast, found Cecile on the other path and made their way to an old shack, surrounded by giant toad stoles.  Kitten bid them farwell and sank off.

Both of them quietly began spying on the shack and noticed the second sheep, skinned and hung outside.  Within moments, the Witch came outside and a large flying squirrel greeted her form the trees. After they communed, the Witch began sniffing the air and sent the squirrel stalking through the nearby trees.

Now the deputies would need to hid from this dreadful creature, quadruple the size of any squirrel they'd ever seen with it's mangy black hair and bright pink "wings".


My 11 year old son and 8 year old daughter are the stars of this game.  I figured witches are a good antagonist and old forests the perfect place to start a game.

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