Friday, February 8, 2013

D&D Next: More on Skill Dice and Martial Dice

I ran Ironcloaks last night and at 3 of the players were completely new to DnD Next.  I found the Skill Die rule easy to explain and all the players latched onto it very, very quickly.

While I was initially very uncertain about the new rule, I think it's a home run.

However, I'm beginning to question the number of Martial Damage Dice that classes have access to.
I won't change anything yet, but I'm looking very, very closely at them.

And finally, I'm contemplating bringing back Expertise Dice to fill the roll of Fate Points, Action Points and Force Points.  I've left them out of the rules so I can test them, but I feel my players and I would really enjoy their presence.

Overall, I've really warmed up to the current rules, which is saying quite a bit, since my initial reading of the rules left me very cool toward them.


Anonymous said...

Wow - it's been so long since I played D&D - well, maybe a year and a half. I often sign up for some RPGs when I go to Fan Expo, and the year before last I picked a D&D module. (Last year it was Harry Dresden!)

Nice to meet you.

Cross Planes said...

I hope you find more time to play. I really like the next edition of D&D, which is free to playtest on Wizard of the Coast's site.

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