Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Masque of the Red Death NEXT Part 2

More Backgrounds for Masque of the Red Death in DnD Next


Skills: Bluf, Intimidate, Knowledge (Forbidden Lore), Listen.
Trait - From Beyond the Grave: Your talents let you, via ceremony, gain knowledge from the spirit world.

Calvary Man

Skills: Handle Animal, Ride, Survival, Track.
Trait - Military Rank: You are an office in the military and have access to pertinent intelligence and tactical support.


Skills: Gather Rumors, Profession (Journalist), Sense Motive, Sneak.
Trait - Fourth Estate: Your newspaper allows you access to many unusual places and easy research for your stories.


Skills: Balance, Climb, Swim, Use Rope.
Trait - Seaman: You are accustomed to life at sea and a varied crew to help you in a pinch.


Skills: Choose any four.
Trait - Servant: You have a loyal butler who accompanies you everywhere.


Skills: Disable Device, Knowledge (choose one field of study), Search, Survival.
Trait - Well-Travelled: You have travelled the world and have met a wide number of people and had unusual experiences.


Skills: Bluff, Disguise, Intimidate, Persuade.
Trait - Thespian: You are a trained actor and student of the human condition.

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