Sunday, August 13, 2017

Thay Invictus: Session 2

I'm playing Robert San Fernando, Bobby from the DnD Cartoon "all growed up".

We made it to the Ziggurat and saw numerous slaves and guards--orcs mostly, in buildings around the Ziggurat. The slaves were working with silk.

We noted that hourly patrols were going into the woods we were hiding in and there a single road entering the area.

We headed east to scope out the back of the Ziggurat and got wrecked by giant spiders. I went down, Cutwyrm--our Ranger went down twice and it was only because of our Divine Soul--Echo that we made it out.

We rested and spent a full day learning the patrol patterns.

There were arguments about simply achieving our goal, proving there was a threat here and going for more treasure. Several of us were less enthusiastic about facing more spiders, including me.

We settled on having Emeril, our Warlock, go get a bolt of silk for evidence. He confirmed the workers were slaves and tried buying a bolt. It didn't work.

He went back in, invisible this time, and simply stole a bolt of silk.

At this point the party was once again split on heading back to town or exploring further. Diego, our Draw Rogue and Emeril staid behind, agreeing to give us until nightfall as the rest of us went exploring.

Our group came upon four priests. We learned they served the Witch Queen, a lieutenant for the god known as the Horned One. She was the last Witch Queen and the silk was for her. Then we overpowered them and took their robes and headed back to our Rogue and Warlock.

We toyed with using the robes to sneak into the Ziggurat, but decided to fulfill our mission.

We headed back to town and informed Mayor Jon of what we found and what we saw. He sent us to the Librarian for more information on the Horned God and we used that knowledge to formulate a plan to annex the Ziggurat. We negotiated our fee and salvage rights and then headed out to hire mercenaries.

In the morrow, we'd be headed back.

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