Sunday, August 27, 2017

DMing: Magic Items

My first DM was very concerned about running a Monty Haul campaign and magic items were few and far between. This was ADnD 2nd Edition and I realize now that not only did it make our character's lives harder, but it also reduced customization of characters.

However, I find myself being tight on magic items, as well. But it's not for fear of my campaign getting out of hand, it's simply that I forget about them. Since I tend to either run my own adventures or go dramatically off course of published adventures, I find that I forget to add magic items as rewards.

I'm trying to rectify that and to give the Players some varied goods I'm considering going back to Old School DnD where some of the items have finite charges that don't refresh. I guess, it's my way of bring Monte Cook Games' cyphers into DnD on some level.

Additionally, I'm looking at using the concept of Legacy Weapons from DnD 3.5. Hopefully, this will allow me to spotlight characters as they explore the lore of their favorite item and will also give them some in-game rewards, as well.

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