Monday, August 28, 2017

D&D 5th Edition: The Expended Property for Magic Items

I've been contemplating using some magic items with finite charges per older editions of DnD.

In thinking about this, I worked up a mechanic inspired by DnD 4E and 5E's Recharge ability used in monster design.

Essentially, a magic item can have an Expended property with the number or numbers on a d6 that cause the item to become expended and run out of charges.

Here is an example:


Wondrous item, rare, expendable 5-6
As a reaction, you gain advantage on a saving throw against a spell or magical effect. After using this ability, roll a d6. On a 5-6 the item is expended and no longer works.

I'm looking at this approach because as a DM it means I don't have to figure out how many charges an item has and track them.


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