Friday, March 10, 2017

Hard Times In Jarlsburg: The Strike Is Over! (Training Day)

Jarlsburg and the Lieber River

I have recently started up a Shadow of the Demon Lord game set in Jarlsburg. We had our first session this past week. The Hard Times is Jarlsburg's premier source of news (and alternative facts).

The following article in The Hard Times  is the setup for my new game:



The Teamster's Guild strike has finally come to end. Negotiations between Guildmaster Eustous Hemp and Kountess Belladona Malifaux were resolved this morning to the satisfaction of both parties. The strike has been on for nearly two weeks, after a stalktopus that had grown to nearly fifteen feet long, struck at one of the Guild's teams, killing their horse, Eustace. The Team was run by thirteen year veteran, Diggory Plumm, whose arm was broken in the attack.

For over two years, several Guilds, including the Teamsters, have complained about the City's Subterranean Extermination Service or SES, often called "sewer jacks", being undermanned and underfunded. There have been a string of attacks from subterranean threats, or "sub tees" that have enraged citizens and guils alike. Guildmistress Hellena Benben, head of the Merchant's Guild, even went so far as to accuse the Chair of the Subterranean Environs Committee, Lady Sylvia Pernell, of misusing City funds. And it was only two months ago that witnesses saw Flower Esteban, a student at the Coppertown Institute for Barber-Surgeons being attacked by a "jabberwocky" and carried away into the sewer entrance near the Trident Plaza. While Esteban's body was recovered by a team led by sewer jack veteran, Punkin, the "jabberwocky" was not found.

Kountess Malifaux has promised a robust commitment to prioritize the SES and Guildmaster Hemp has lauded her dedication to the situation.

Hemp is reporting that the SES per diem will be increased to 1 Silver, effective immediately, and a personal equipment budget has been promised by Summer.

More as the story develops

Pathos Gibraltar, Council Reporter

Evening Edition on the 26th Day of Fub in the Second Hundred and Twenty Third Year of Thronehold

Punkin, he's vigilant against necrophelia
The new game focuses on a Punkin training one of the new SES or Sewer Jacks (his training consists mostly of stories about his encounters with necropheliacs and how to deal with them in the sewers). The team discovered the corpse of an upper class woman (she had all of her jewelry, so robbery was ruled out as a motive), who has a tattoo, that one of the characters thinks is connected to a local cultm on her torso and a ring that they feel certain is connected to the secret society known as the the Peacock Court.

Oh, and they killed a carrion crawler too.

Said Tatto

Said Ring

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