Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Battle Beasts: Fauna the Thunderer for FATE Accelerated

The excellent Masters of Umdarr, a great science fantasy setting for FATE Accelerated, has inspired me to work up some Battle Beasts, an awesome toy line I grew up with.

Slowpoke Sloth


High Concept: 
   Mutabeast Sloth Mage
Motivation: To Become the High Lunamancer
Personal: To Decipher my Gram's Grimoire
Shared: I Saved You From the Viper's Bite

Careful: Fair (+2) 
Clever: Good (+3) 
Flashy: Average (+1) 
Forceful: Mediocre (+0) 
Quick: Average (+1) 
Sneaky: Fair (+2)


Teleportation (Sneaky): Whenever you succeed at Sneakily defending against a long-range attack, you can immediately move one zone.

Sonic Cry (Flashy): You can emit loud sonic cries that cause intense pain. Once per session, you can Flashily attack with a +2 bonus, attacking every other character in your zone, including allies!

[  ]
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Mild (2): 
Moderate (4): 
Severe (6):


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