Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Antimony: The Ohanas for the Cypher System

There is a village two days travel north, past the Spiritlands, known as Antimony that will celebrate its tenth anniversary this High Summer Eve.  

Antimony attracts all kinds, including those willing to get their hands dirty for shins.  Some would call the Ohanas mercenaries, but they would describe themselves as survivors, albeit ones willing to make hard choices and do hard things to keep themselves prosperous.

While they have "bolt holes" throughout the Steadfast and the Beyond, the Lambda, an underground mansion less than half an hour north of Antimony has become their base of operations for the last four years.

The Ohanas were founded by Case Dremmer, Ting Ting, and the Thracian almost fifteen years ago, in Rarrow near the Scorpion's Reach.  They've seen their numbers grow to nearly twenty over the years, but mostly operate with six full time members these days.

The Ohanas came to Antimony for a job.  They were hired by a coalition within the village to deal with a group of slavers who had been preying on the area for several months.  Part of their payment was the Lamba, as they had a good enough reputation that the good folks of Antimony didn't mind have some experienced and well known "skull kickers" living in close proximity.

While the slaving ring proved to manageable, its leader, a crazed nano known as Tet'Magosi, was personally responsible for the death of Case and three other members, before making his escape.

Ting Ting and the Thracian spoke about disbanding at that point, but decided to stay in the area while the Lambda was built.  During this time, the majority of the group went their separate ways, but in the end the Ohanas became a much tighter, and deadlier group.

They've had great success in the last few years, they are always looking at new work and have never stop searching for Tet'Magosi.

The Ohanas

Ting Ting 6 (18). Heart and soul of the team.  Expert martial artist. She is short, with night black hair, honest face, tattoo of spider web on most of left arm.

The Thracian 6 (18). Lead operator of the group.  Expert with a great axe. Nearly 8 feet tall, with broad shoulders, and white blonde hair down to his waist.  Scar all along his right cheek and "Case" tattooed on his chest.

Sixx 5 (15). The joker of the group.  Expert at scouting and intrusion  She's tall, but slouches constantly.  Always, wears a crimson scarf around her neck.  She's bald, with deep green eyes and is usually smirking.

Mona "Hot Stuff" Remender 5 (15).  A brilliant researcher who likes to burn things.  And people.  Very well respected nano. Her mohawk is dyed a brilliant orange.  She hates manual labor and abhors exercise of any kind.  She usually levitates everywhere, due to an artifact she found years ago.  She's hooked on cigarettos and has a mean streak a mile wide.

Bingo 4 (12). A mechanical genius with a talent for esoteries.  He maintains and modifies all of their rides.  Very average looking, he has brown eyes, a hooked nose and usually wears overalls.  He's quiet, but very, very loyal.

Ferdinand Longfellow 4 (112). He says he comes from a long line of sasquatches that live in the Spiritlands. His fur is a deep red and slightly curly.  He's an expert at using the Datasphere, speaks five languages, surprisingly stealthy, and a dirty fighter.  He's tall, over 7 feet, and stout.  His favorite outfit is a kilt of yellow and purple.  Hot Stuff calls him Boggy Creek.  He lets her.

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