Sunday, August 24, 2014

#RPGaDay 12-24

12) Old RPG you still play/read?  TSR's Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP).  I mostly think its the best RPG for playing Supers.

13) Most memorable character death?  We were playing DnD 4E, I was playing a Dwarven Warlock of Darkness/Shadow (from the Forgotten Realms splat).  My character had betrayed his clan for magical power (though unwittingly) and had wondered seeking a way to absolve himself.

We were fighting a big bad, some god/demon in the bottom of a ship that was flooding and I had just made a Save vs a mental attack.  I asked the DM if I could sacrifice myself so the others could live and opened my mind to the beast, while focusing on the being I had made a pact with.  By working with the DM, my patron came to this plane and the battle with the big bad destroyed all three of us, but let the party escape.

14) Best Convention Purchase?  Alternity Gen Con 1997 Special Edition Preview.  I still dig that TSR did that and I purchased it.

15) Favorite Convention Game?  Back at Gen Con 1993, me and my buddy played in a Marvel FASERIP game where were D List villains.  I was Killer Shrike.  We beat the New Warriors before getting our tails handed to us by Thor.

16) Game You Wish You Own?  Iron Heroes Revised Edition.

17) Funniest Game You've Played?  I'm the DM does that count?  If it does, my Jarlsburg game using DnD Next.

18) Favorite Game System?  The D20 system that powers DnD 5th Edition.

19) Favorite Published Adventure?  Keep on the Borderlands.

20) Will Still Play in 20 Years Time... Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition.

21) Favorite Licensed RPG?  Star Wars by West End Games.

22) Best Secondhand RPG Purchase?  I don't buy used books or games.

23)  Coolest Looking RPG Product/Book?  Feng Shui 1st Edition.

24)  Most Complicated RPG Owned?  This is a crazy answer:  Any edition of Shadowrun.  This isn't Shadowrun's fault, but unlike every other RPG I've ever read, I can't quite understand or work out the game's magic and armor system.  Earthdawn (go figure) is a close second.

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