Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Brainstorming for 5E: Primeval Thule

I backed Sasquatch Games' Primeval Thule for 4E, 13th Age AND Pathfinder.

The setting sounds spectacular and it's something I plan to run a game in.

It's not higher, at the moment, because it's not out yet.

I've had a list of ideas floating around though since late last year:

Hyll Clans of the Hylands.

Islanders of Crannog on Loch Nis (Think Laketown).

Cave People (Dwarves,).

Moon Folk of Elphame (Drow, who have defiled their lands with Sorcery and now fearing Nyarlathotep's wrath have become nocturnal and live underground where they worship their Spider Goddess, Atlach-Nacha and serve their Queen.  Not going for the traditional pure evil dark elves here, but corruption plagues the males and that is why they are a matriarchal society).

Barbarians of the Raithnoch Moors

Astromancers of Pnom whose tower is located near Cairn (A place where ancient and alien knowledge is whispered to the faithful by beings who wait beyond the stars).

The Elgr (Druids of the Elk-Goddess, Yhoundeh.  Her husband, Nyarlathotep has taught humanity Sorcery).

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