Friday, August 1, 2014

Brainstorming for 5E: Tiamat

So in a week, I'll have the 5th Edition Player's Handbook in my greedy little hands and I'm trying to figure out what setting and adventure I'm going to run.

I won't run the adventure from the Starter Set because I'm playing through it currently.

Hoard of the Dragon Queen looks really promising.  As a fan of the DnD Cartoon, anything involving Tiamat is as cool as anything involving Warduke.  And the Adventurer's League Support material is really cool (I run a WPN store, I have the kits already).

BUT, part of me doesn't want to roll back to Level 1 for my PCs.

And, I'm terrible at prepping published adventures.  Though this one is pretty damn sweet.

Also, I spent May and June getting caught up on all of the recent Forgotten Realms novels and it would let me play in that amusement park.

Finally, since I'll be running this in-store, its very accessible to new players/customers.

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