Friday, August 22, 2014

My Gen Con Post

I really haven't died, but a new POS system at our store, my oldest daughter visiting from Florida, Gen Con, rolling out the new POS system at our second store, my web host migrating my store's site without my knowledge and learning WordPress have kept me going.

I hope to finish #RPGaDAY, but no promises.

But the WHOLE family made it to Gen Con this year.

First, I have to say that each year that I experience the way that Gen Con, LLC runs the show, the more I am disappointed with their effort.  I think they find something new to tick me off about each year.

Second, I love Indy.  Its a great town and makes my closest metropolitan area, Cincinnati, look like a joke.  If I had more time, I think I'd vacation there.

Third, as much as I want to take the whole family to Gen Con next year, with 5 to 6 of us going, it's not that much cheaper than going to Disney World.

Fourth, Palamino and the Colts Grille have AMAZING food!

Fifth, I miss the days when RPG's and their publishers dominated Gen Con.  But times change...

Sixth, FFG expects me to wait in a line to get into their booth?!  Good luck with that.

Seventh, a BIG thank you to WotC, Paizo and even FFG for getting my store their big releases BEFORE Gen Con.

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