Wednesday, January 29, 2014

1st Age: Magic-User Pregen for Playtest

Here is the Magic-User that was built for my playtest.  Magic is very much driven by the player's creativity.  This is a snapshot at level 3 what the magic-user looks like, not an overview.

Class: Magi-User
Level: 3
Hit Points: 24
Recoveries: 3 for 1d4 each

Attribute Mod + Level = Total
Strength +1 +3 = +4 
Dexterity +1 +3 = +4
Constitution +3 +3 = +6 
Intelligence +3 +3 = +6
Wisdom +4 +3 = +7 
Charisma +1 +3 = +4

Ability Mod + Level = Total
Initiative: +1 +3 = +4
Armor Class: 10 +6 = 16
Physical Defense: 10 +6 = 16
Mental Defense: 12 +6 = 18

Backgrounds (Spend 8 points with no more than 5 points in any background, e.g. Hunter, Scout):

Melee weapon +4; 1d4+1 damage

Ranged weapon +4; 1d4+1 damage

Wand +6; 2d4 damage
Natural Even Roll: Knock your target back 5 feet
Natural Roll of 16+: +1d4 damage

Stunt +4; Something cool

Magic (Choose 3 schools of magic to cast spells from)

Abjuration: Abjurations are protective spells. They create physical or magical barriers, negate magical or physical abilities, harm trespassers, or even banish the subject of the spell to another plane of existence.

Conjuration: Conjurations bring manifestations of objects, creatures, or some form of energy to you. Conjurations can also transport creatures from another plane of existence, heal, transport creatures or objects over great distances or create objects or effects on the spot.

Divination: Divination spells enable you to learn secrets, to predict the future, and to find hidden things.

Enchantment:Enchantment spells affect the minds of others, influencing or controlling their behavior.

Evocation:Evocation spells manipulate energy or tap an unseen source of power to produce a desired end. In effect, they create something out of nothing.

Illusion: Illusion spells deceive the senses or minds of others. They cause people to see things that are not there, not see things that are there, hear phantom noises, or remember things that never happened.

Necromancy: Necromancy spells manipulate the power of death, unlife, and the life force.

Transmutation: Transmutation spells change the properties of some creature, thing, or condition. 

To cast a spell, describe what you want to attempt.  If the GM allows, she sets the DC at 6, 11, or 16.  Any targets will make a DC 6, 11, or 16 depending on the GM.

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