Tuesday, January 7, 2014

1st Age: The Fighter's 1st Draft or a Vigorous mixing of 13th Age and the OSR

1st Age applies the ArchMage Engine's sensibilities to the Original RPG and games such as Labyrinth Lord.  At this point in development the ArchMage Engine trumps other concepts.

Saves are per 13th Age and the escalation die is used, as well as, backgrounds and One Unique Things.  Weapon and armor selection are purely cosmetic.


Requirements: None

Hit Points per Level: 8 + Con mod per Level

Maximum Level: 10

Initiative: Dex mod + Level

Armor Class (no armor): 13 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level

Armor Class (armor): 15 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level

Armor Class (shield and armor): 16 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level

Physical Defense: 10 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex + Level

Mental Defense: 10 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha + Level

Backgrounds: 8 points, max 5 in any one background

Tough as Nails: Add the escalation die to all saves.

Melee Attack
Attack: Strength + Level vs. AC
Hit: 1D8 + Str Mod
Natural Even Hit: +2 to your AC

Miss: 2 damage

Ranged Attack
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: 1D8 + Dex Mod
Natural Even Hit: +2 damage

Weapon specialization: Choose 1 specific type of weapon and use the following:
     Specialized Weapon Attack     

    Attack: Strength (Melee) or Dexterity (Ranged) + Level vs. AC
     Hit: 1D8 + Str (Melee) or Dex (Ranged) Mod + escalation die
     Natural Even Roll: +2 to your next Attack and AC
     Miss: 4 Damage

Stronghold: At 6th level, a fighter may become a great leader of warriors, taking control of a parcel of land and a leadership rank in his society. A fighter will, assuming money is at hand, build a castle. He may ultimately control several villages and towns, but must be a good, strong leader and provide protection.

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