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1st Age: Cleric second draft

While I'm glad to get the additional exposure that Pelgrane Press' Page XX gives me (thank you again Wade, Cat, and Simon), I decided to post a revision to the Cleric here.

I'm balance time between working up the foundation of the Druid, Monk, Dark Elf, Orc, Bard, Paladin, Illusionist and Ranger and adjusting the existing classes.

In play, most things work as they do in 13th Age: saves, the escalation die, backrounds, one unique things, and for simplicity weapon and armor selection are purely for cosmetic details, your class or race dictates your defenses and damage output, unless you get a cool magic item. Most classes go to 10th level with some only going to 9th.

Spells, magic items and foes are used as they appear in Labyrinth Lord.


Requirements: None

Hit Points per Level: 6 + Con mod per Level

Maximum Level: 10

Initiative: Dex mod + Level 

Armor Class (no armor): 10 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level

Armor Class (armor): 14 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level

Armor Class (shield and armor): 15 + middle mod of Con/Dex/Wis + Level

Physical Defense: 11 + middle mod of Str/Con/Dex + Level

Mental Defense: 11 + middle mod of Int/Wis/Cha + Level

Backgrounds: 8 points, max 5 in any one background 

Devotion:  If a cleric ever falls from favor, due to violating the beliefs of his god or breaking the rules of his clergy, his god may impose penalties upon the cleric by removing the benefit of the escalation die in combat.

Melee Attack
Attack: Strength + Level vs. AC
Hit: 1D6 + Str Mod
Natural Hit of 16+: +2 to your next melee attack

Ranged Attack
Attack: Dexterity + Level vs. AC
Hit: 1D4 + Dex Mod

Destroy Undead
Target: 1d4 nearby undead creatures
Attack: Wisdom + Level vs. MD
Hit: 2D4
Natural Even Hit:  Target is dazed (-4 penalty to attacks) until the end of your next turn

Devotion (Optional)
Uses: 2 times per day
Target: All nearby allies
Effect: Heal 1d6+2 hit points

Divine Inspiration:  Worshiping their god allows a cleric to cast spells in their god's name.  A cleric my cast any spell on the cleric spell list as long as it is not higher than their current level.

Miracle Working
At 1st Level a cleric may cast level 1 spells
At 2nd Level a cleric may cast level 2 spells
At 3rd Level a cleric may cast level 3 spells
At 4th Level a cleric may cast level 4 spells
At 5th Level a cleric may cast level 5 spells
At 6th Level a cleric may cast level 6 spells
At 7th Level a cleric may cast level 7 spells

Thaumaturgy: A cleric's spells are granted by their god and there for do not need to learn them.  If their god wishes them to have access to a spell, they simply do.  A cleric cannot cast a spell that is higher than their cleric level.  

Gods are fickle and will not always allow a cleric to continue to benefit from a particular spell.  If a cleric's zeal is found to be complete by her god, she may continue to recast the same spell over and over.  However, if her passion is found lacking by her god, the spell is cast but is not available to her for the rest of the day.  Additionally she is required to spend six hours in prayer and meditation to her god to give her full access to all of her spells.

When a cleric casts a spell, they make a hard (DC 16) save.  Note this DC can be adjust to 11 or even 6 if the GM feels that circumstances are particularly important to a cleric's god. 

If the cleric succeeds on their save, the spell is cast and he may recast that same spell again that day.  When recasting a spell, he repeats the process above with the same two possible results.  

If the cleric fails their save, the spell is cast, but that spell may not be cast again that day.

For example, if Sasha Bluth, a vicar of the Priestess, casts Light and rolls an 18 on his save, he may recast it as soon as the next round.  If the roll of his second save is a 20 when recasting Light he can recast it a third time that day.  However, if the roll of his third save to recast Light is a 14, the spell is cast but cannot is no longer available to the cleric that day and requires Sasha to devote six hours of uninterrupted prayer to the Priestess before he may cast it, or any other spell he failed to save against while casting, again.

Citadel: At 6th level a cleric may establish or build a citadel. So long as the cleric is currently in favor with his god, he may buy or build a keep at half the normal price due to divine intervention. Once a citadel is established, the cleric's reputation will spread and he will attract 1st and 2nd level followers of the fighter class (numbering 5d6 x10) that are completely loyal.  The GM chooses which proportions of followers are bowman, infantry, etc.

Healing Magic: The default goal of this project treats the cleric's healing abilities as they appear in Labyrinth Lord, Cure spells are merely another resource open to the class which has no special tools for healing beyond them. This assumption does not give characters 13th Age's recoveries, however. The Devotion ability is a way to boost healing for groups that find that desirable.

Since both games are central to this project's inspiration and if a group wants to include recoveries, I would suggest giving each character 1 recovery per Level each day. See the chart below detailing how much each class heals when a recovery is used. A recovery may be used once per combat or freely while out of combat, but if a cleric is in the party, their god's presence allows each character a second use of a recovery per battle, regardless of the number of cleric's in the party (two clerics do not give you two extra uses of recoveries per battle).

Class                                   Recovery Die
Dwarf                                       D10
Fighter                                       D8
Cleric, Elf, Halfling                  D6
Thief, Magic-User                    D4

A final optional rule if your not using recoveries would simply allow the cleric to grant “fast healing” to her allies. While present in the party, any member who is below half their hit point maximum heals 2 hit points per round until they return to half their maximum hit points. Outside of combat a cleric's presence in the party allows each member to heal 1d6+1 hit points per day of rest, instead of 1d3.

1st Age Cleric, all text open.

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1st Age Cleric version 2.0, copyright 2014, Mark Craddock.

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