Tuesday, May 28, 2013

ParaMilitary: Reichsraptor for 13th Age

France 1946
Agents of Project: Crystal Ball have reported facing a new type of Nazi soldiers, known as uberfalkoniers, who are commanding highly trained dinosaurs on the field of battle.  Obviously, this was surprising to the agents because they firmly believed dinosaurs were extinct.  

Mystics working for Crystal Ball have discerned that the Reich's program is in it's infancy and hope to sabotage it quickly.  Additionally, there are ongoing concerns on how the Reich acquired these monstrosities.


They guard enemy strongholds, telepathically communicating with their handlers and learning each and every one of humankind's weaknesses...

3rd level scrapper troop [DINOSAUR]
Initiative: +6

Natural Born Killer +8 vs. AC—10 damage
     Natural even hit: The target takes the escalation die in damage
        from razor-sharp teeth.

Nastier Specials
Sidekick:  On a miss the target takes 4 damage from the uberfalkonier.

AC   19
PD   17                             HP 45
MD  15

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