Friday, May 3, 2013

On Being a Game Master: Gamer A.D.D.

Through most of my time in this hobby, I've suffered heavily from Gamer Attention Deficit Disorder or "I can't pick a game and stick with it".  Back in the day, my group called me Nolan Ryan, because I always had a pitch (for a new game) ready.  It is a real problem (at the gaming table).

You might have noticed that the subtitle of this blog has been "or how I learned to love DnD".  That was as much devoting myself (mostly) to a single system.  And lately it's been hard.

I've been running DnD (Next, Pathfinder, 13th Age) for well over a year and I'm not sure a break isn't forthcoming.  But the problem is that I've begun to look at another game to run, that old A.D.D. has reared it's ugly head.

I spent last week looking at BareBones Fantasy, Rotted Capes, Conspiracy X, BRP, and Adventurer, Conqueror, King. 

I tend to be a system guy first and a setting guy second.  The way I overcame the A.D.D. was to focus on the setting, but in looking at each of those games, I made the old mistake of prioritizing system and the old itch came back.  Hard. 

I think I've stepped back enough to force it down, but obviously it's a problem that doesn't go away forever.  While I love learning new games, I enjoy the hobby more when I don't have the stress that the A.D.D. brings with it.  I'd much rather be content with one game than trying to juggle how to persuade a group to change games on a weekly basis (yeah, it's been that bad before).

The key, for me is simply stop worrying about the "system experience" and just start rolling characters and having fun.  A good solution to most problems, really.

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