Friday, January 11, 2013

My Most Played Role-Playing Games

Akratic Wizardry has a post about a thread over on the RPGsite devoted to listing your  ‘most played’ role-playing games.  Here is my own list in order of ‘most played’:

1) Champions 4th Edition

2) Hero System 5th Edition
3) ADnD 2nd Edition
4) DC Heroes 2nd Edition
5) Vampire: the Masquerade 1st Edition
6) Feng Shui
7) Marvel Super Heroes (TSR)
8) 13th Age
9) Legend of the Five Rings
10) Mage: the Ascension 2nd Edition
11) Werewolf: the Apocalypse 1st Edition
12) Necessary Evil (Savage Worlds)
13) Rippers (Savage Worlds)
14) Angel RPG
15) DnD Next
16) DnD 4th Edition
17) Mutants and Masterminds 1st Edition
18) Brave New World
19) Mutants and Masterminds 2nd Edition
20) Star Wars RPG (WEG)
21) Talislanta 3rd Edition
22) TORG
23) Marvel Heroic Role Playing (MWP)
24) Star Wars Saga Edition RPG (WotC)
25) 7th Sea
26) Star Trek: the Next Generation RPG (Last Unicorn)
27) Deadlands (Classic)
28) Marvel SAGA RPG (TSR)
29) Cyberpunk 202o
30) Castle Falkenstein
31) WitchCraft RPG
32) DC Universe RPG (WEG)
33) DnD 3.x
34) Mutant Chronicles
35) Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 1st Edtition
36) Rifts
37) Spycraft 1st Edition
38) Star Wars D20 RPG (WotC)
39) Lord of the Rings RPG
40) D20 Modern
41) Shadowrun 3rd Edition
42) Wild Talents
43) Robotech RPG
44) Godlike
45) Dresden Files RPG
46) GURPS 3rd Edition
47) Gamma World 3rd Edition
48) Call of Cthulhu 5th Edition
49) Elric 1st Edition
50) Conan 2nd Edition (d20)
51) Armageddon RPG
52) Fudge
53) World of Synnabar
54) Chill 2nd Edition (Mayfair)
55) Rogue Trader RPG
56) Atomic Highway RPG
57) Shatterzone RPG
58) Adventure Game Engine


Paul Turner said...

I love that TORG is at least on the list :)

Cross Planes said...

TORG is a great game. I enjoyed the heck out it.

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