Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Closing out January

While I didn't manage a post (or more) a day in January, I have at least 6 more than in December so I fell that I'm on the right path.

I would like to focus on working up more fan-material and probably returning to Masters of the Universe Monday in February.  We'll see.

I realized that my depressed state wasn't merely from events that occurred in November or Christmas.  After running the Pre-Release this weekend, I think those events drain more from me than I realize.
It doesn't mean much, they're an integral part of my job and I'll continue them.

I'm looking forward to spring and thankful our area of the country has had a fairly light winter, thus far.

I'm also contemplating resurrecting the Ironcloaks game, as I'm eager to fully test out the current DnD Next playtest packet.

I'm proud that while there was some clash of personalities in my Dead AGE game, everyone involved handled it maturely, openly and it has resolved itself as positively as possible.  At the very least, there are no hard feelings and no burnt bridges.

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