Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aquila: The Procession Episodes 3 & 4

The Cast:

Hurricane - 4th Level Demigod Fighter
Tesla - 4th Level Tellurian Psion
Fikrit- 4th Level Human Sorcerer
Becker - 5th Level Human Barbarian
Jacob the Rooster- 4th Level Halfling Cleric
Bachman - 4th Level Human Paladin
Luken - 4th Level Human Paladin

Lorelei brought the band into the fortress known as Verdisgris and introduced them to the merry band of survivors who lived there and it's spiritual leader, Manthrax.  Manthrax is an 8 foot tall raccoon and student of Pan.  He formed this haven from various survivors of shipwrecks, both from the sea and the sky.  He explains that Lorelei's rogue excursion past the river that runs beyond Verisgris, put the whole fortress in jeopardy as there is an enchantment in place to protect his charges agains the island's prisoners, the giant monsters.

Several village elders also tell them about strange falling stars several nights ago, three in total and the ill portents for the fortress.

As the group decides to investigate the crashes, Jacob decides to aid Manthrax in bolstering the enchantments.

The first crash sight is less than 3 hours from the fortress and their journey there is uneventful.

They come upon a downs air ship of unknown design, but Tesla recognizes it and its two pilots from the planet Mongo and as scouts for Ming the Merciless.  Their golden skin clearly marks them as Mong.  Both pilots seem very nervous and harried at the camp they've found and Hurricane while spying finds the beach less than two hundred yards behind them teaming with Giant Crabs.

As a monster hunter, his urge to hunt them overwhelms him and he clashes with three of the beasts.  While his first volley is effective, the monsters merge into a single, massive, monstrous crab and nearly cut him in twain.  It is only by calling upon the power of his father, Jupiter that he can slaughter the monstrosity and make an escape.

The surviving Mong pilots witness the battle and our approached by Hurricane's comrades.  They learn that some anomaly in the atmosphere caused there vessels to crash onto the island and that the crab seemed contain to the beach until dawn, when they scuttle over the sun and have carried off the other 4 survivors, one a day.  One of the Mong scan each member of the group with a strange device and is visibly shaken by what it says about Tesla.

Both pilots draw their blasters on Tesla, realizing he's a tellurian and Beck manages to slaughter them both.  Tesla then uses an alien artifact to repair part of the damaged craft and use it's sensors to locate the other crash sights.

While he works on this, across the river, the others spy Godzilla moving off and submerging into a lagoon, one of the crash sights.  He tells them that they need a component from one of the other sights to get the ship off the ground.

The group decides to set out on foot for the final sight and after moving through the massive forest and into grasslands, crest a hill above the last ship.

Here six Mong have made camp in the tall grass.  The group is trying to decide a plan of action, when the realize that several Mong are pointing towards them.  It is then that the group notices a huge shadow coming upon them on the ground and dive for cover, moments before Rodan swoops past.  When they rise to their feet, they see that the Mong have hidden amongst the tall grass.  Unsure of how to proceed, they are ambushed and taken prisoner by the Mong.

The group is brought to the camp sight and are interrogated by the Mong, who are guarded but not aggressive.  Tesla manages to convince them that they've been to the first crash sight and he can help them locate the second.  However, just then Rodan swoops in from behind and snatches four of the Mong survivors in one it's powerful talons.  The group and the two Mong make a stand as Rodan quickly banks and Hurrican and Lukens and the Mong Captain are snatched in its other talon.

The group boards the air ship and flies after the monster, but they are snatched from the sky and sent hurtling toward the ground by Kong.

It is then that Koenig's spirit attacks Jacob and Manthrax, trying to take over the raccoon's body.  Jacob realizes that the nazi has taken control of Kong's body, as well!  He uses magic to grant the group a boon in fighting Kong.

Rodan, seeing the massive ape lands, killing the Mong and allowing Hurricane and Luken to escape.

Kong smashes the air ship, but is attacked by Becker and Bachman.  Becker manages to cut off several of the ape's fingers on it's right hand and Bachman climbs the monster and attacks it's neck.

Rodan launches itself at Kong with Hurricane latching onto it's leg as it takes to the air.

Kong hurles Becher into a huge tree and the Barbarian taps into a past life and is transformed into hulking, green beast.  Kong snatches up Bachman, but Tesla furiosly attack the ape's mind and it's right eye explodes.

As Rodan is about to smash into Kong, Becker launches himself like a bullet and pierces Rodan's hide, exploding out the other side.  Hurricane, unfortunately is smashed between Rodan's corpse and Kong, who has been knocked over by the dying winged monster.

Jacob managed to not only force Koenig back into Kong's body, but trap him there and Becker tore out the ape's heart, seeling the nazi's fate.

The group manage to lick their wounds and use Jacob's magic to rest and heal up, before finding the final crash sight and finishing the repairs on the Mong scout ship, preparing to leave Monster Island, hopefully once and for all.

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