Friday, January 4, 2013

AGE+Dead Reign=?!

I'll be starting a Dead Reign game soon and while I'd tried to work within Palladium's House System, I think I'm going to adjust the AGE system (from Green Ronin and powering their Dragon Age RPG) to use with it.

For quite sometime I've labored under the belief that Palladium's system finds it's "balance" in it's Skill system.  Regardless of OCC, RCC, or PCC characters all use the Skill system and their Percentages are fairly balanced (I'm sure to the Publishers, at least).

I think AGE is a good fit, because with Palladium's ranks improving at (mostly) +5% per Level, it's easy to treat them as Focuses in AGE (+2 to a roll).  I can then allow improvement of Attributes (I'll probably use Palladium's names) in the same fashion as in AGE (can't improve any attribute 2 levels in a row).

I'll have to basically import AGE's combat system, but that's fine by me.  The game I'm prepping has 2 to 3 players max so I think it will work fine.

I'll keep you posted.

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