Monday, May 14, 2012

Gathering Session 5: Part 1

As we began the evening, the spotlight was on Variel, Lord Wintresh and Lin the halfling in the infirmary.  Lin was sleeping poorly, her feverish body wracked with anguish.  Finally, she sat upright beginning to scream...when something monstrous burst forth from her chest.

Variel, reacted to the horror before his eyes, and attempted to smite the creature with a thunderbolt.  It's nimble feet sidestepped the assault and as Variel closed on the thing, it leapt past him and disappeared into the bed as it slid into the wall.  Meanwhile, Lord Wintresh gaped and huddled in the corner, to look at him was to look at a man who's mind was on the brink.  Andro quietly confirmed to Variel that Lin was dead.

Variel immediately sought the rest of the Gatherers further up the hallway.  He found them just as they were about to open another cell with Barracus's amulet.  Upon hearing the news, Jacob the Rooster sped to Lin's side...his comrades trailing.

Jacob was extremely grief stricken by Lin's fate.  He consulted with Variel and both men prayed long to their gods, seeking help.  The Rooster found hope in a ritual that might allow those who's life ended in murder at the hands of forces outside of their home plane.   The cost was high, but Jacob was willing to pay it.

Hours later, Lin was returned to life.  The Gatherers knew that their situation was growing more grim
and felt it was time to return to exploring.  Lin and Jacob had only a few moments for a quiet talk, it was then that the Rooster noticed the young woman's eyes had changed from brown to a light green.  Amongst other topics, she confided in him that the cell they were about to enter is where she blacked out.

Andro and Lord Martin remained behind with Lin, however another retainer, Nova Sorrow-Vess (W, 8) struck out with the rest of the group.  Shaken, they returned to the cell and solemnly opened it, finding 3 strange looking pods.  The alien looking pods were open and empty and a deafening silence filled the group.  At that moment the Gatherers knew that there would be little rest in the future, now that knew what had rested within those egg pods.  Their courage rattled, they quietly closed one cell and opened another.

A tall metallic being rested quietly within.  On a lark, Nova cast an arcane  spell of electricity and jolted the being to life.  It identified itself as IG-23 and offered it's service for "credits".  The group decided that this being may provide a solution to Wrax the XXIII problem.

They bartered long with the IG unit, it was rubies in Link's possession that finally cemented a deal, and let them lead the droid to Wrax.  The vampire was surprised as they allowed IG-23 to enter his cell and then closed the door.  For several minutes a powerful struggle could be heard in the hallway, until silence settled and they opened the door to find Wrax standing, wounded holding the IG unit's head.

The Gatherers lashed out violently and met a fierce resistance from the powerful
vampire.  Though Variel fell in battle to a wicked wound they were able to defeat Wrax and destroy his body.  Now all that remained of Wrax the XXIII was his golden throne.

Nova decided to consult his mother for advice about the Throne and cast a divination.  A shadow of a raven joined Nova's shadow and he began to converse with it in Abyssal.  She warned him that the Throne of the Scarlet Eschaton was far more dangerous than Wrax and intimated that the vampire was just a pawn to his seat.  His mother added now was not the time or the place for the Throne to reappear in the world. After some experimentation by Nova and Variel with the Throne, the elf asked Correlon Larethian to remove it somewhere safe.  The elven god granted his follower's wish.

Now all that remained of Wrax was his headpiece, collar, bracer and 2 bracelets that were split up amongst the Gatherers.

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