Monday, May 7, 2012

The Gathering: Session 4 part 1

This session saw Andro's Lord Martin Wintresh's and Variel's players absent.

But two of their retainers, a Dragonborn antiquarian, named Draco (Rogue, 8)  and a Elf guard, named Link (Fighter, 8), joined the fray.

Variel and Wintresh were arguing about what to do with Wrax, when Variel passed out.  Martin and Andro, confused, removed him to the infirmary with Lin.

Since there were still 2 cells unexplored, they again ignored the Wrax situation and opened a door.

Inside was a bat-headed Gnome, who introduced himself as Kama-Zotz.  The Gnome greeted Barracus warmly and explained that he had been growing impatient waiting for his arrival.  Kama told Barracus and the others that the Smith was infected with Glistening Oil and that if he didn't have the substance removed it would transform him into a mindless war machine.  Kama explained that the man in the next cell, named Sorin could remove the oil from his system.  Kama-Zotz seemed very ernest and patient and encouraged Barracus to heavily think it through.  Kama, maintained that he was not a Vampire and only stayed because he knew Barracus was coming and wanted to help.

After a brief discussion with Jacob and Draco, Barracus opened the last cell, to meet the man who was supposed to be his savior.  Sorin Markov, looked the Smith up and down appraisingly, he did not seem very impressed.  Sorin explained that Kama had been telling him about Barracus's plight for at least a century and he was willing to drain the Oil from his system...for a price.  The Smith would be in his debt and Markov would call it in one day.  The Gatherers had many questions about the time table of Barracus's fate and the Oil itself.  Markov believed that the amulet the Smith wore was slowing the process and that the full transformation might not take effect this century.  He also was hesitant to bring the Glistening Oil into his own system but was confidant it wouldn't cause long term effects on his physiology.  Jacob the Rooster asked if the decision had to be made now and Barracus was concerned, after learning he would lose his new found augmentation, that it could put the expedition in peril.

Sorin, explained he was a planeswalker, and offered to give Barracus a "token" that could call him back at a later time, his decision was made.  But it too, would require a favor.  The Smith agreed, took the token, and asked Markov about Wrax.   The planewsalker didn't think releasing Wrax made sense and warned them about the power the Pharoh's throne.  Soon after, both Sorin and Kama departed for parts unknown.

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