Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Gathering Session 5: Part 2

Since I'm running behind, this post will be more of rundown of evening's events than a full narrative.

• After destroying Wrax, the Gatherers went back to the room where they found IG-23  They finally  noticed the door inside the dead Aboleth's aquarium.  Venturing inside, they met A'Yanna, a kuo-toa halfbreed.  She recognized them immediately as the Mappers and hoped they would join with the Council soon.  She explained that she had hidden herself, because the Seekers were not as reasonable as she hoped and she was frightened for her safety.  She also explained the Aboleth or Mortis had aided her in hiding.  When pressed about the Council, she explained they were an alliance of wizards, kuo-toa, neogi, and illithid who agreed to mainitain Yawgmoth's tomb after his defeat.  The Council of Vhelnish would convene when the Seekers and Mappers were ready to meet.  The Mappers let A'Yanna know that they were scheduled to meet with a neogi in sevaral hours and she decided to wait at the designated spot to meet him, as well.

• The next room they entered was flooded past their ankles with filthy water.  They found another shattered aquarium was the cause for the flooding.  Inside it, Draco found a pile of golden feces that was distributed amongst the party.  Then, next to two other aquariums was a corpse lying face down in the rancid water.  Lin helped them identify him as Tonfa the Magpie.  The skin from Tonfa's skin was removed and he was disemboweled.

• Crossing into another room they found two giant wheels that looked as if they laborers would push in opposite directions.

• The next room was filled with nearly two dozen pools with fresh, clean water.  As Barracus moved to refresh himself, a dozen kuo-toa lept from the water.  They immediately recognized the group as the Mappers and softened their demeanor.  They explained that this area was for them to rest and frolic.  They were keen to dance for the Gatherers for quite some time.  The party awkwardly gave the creatures their privacy back.

• As the moved back into the room with the giant wheels, they decided to attempt to move them.  After succeeding, they heard a giant flushing sound and discovered the aquariums where Tonfa lay dead had been cleaned and the shattered aquarium fixed.  They steeled themselves for what lay ahead.

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