Sunday, August 19, 2018

Shadow of the Demon Lord: Dwellers in the Dark

The dwellers in the dark left the surface world over a thousand years ago to worship Chod'Xoth the Nightbringer. Their shamans taught them what fungi to eat for darksight and food. Within in a few hundred years the strange radiation of the caverns and their diet of mushrooms has altered them significantly. Their skin has lost all pigment and their sense have completely adapted to the darkness below. They currently tend to the Egg of Night, where the await the hatching of Chod'Xoth, who will lead them into glory.

Dweller in the Dark          DIFFICULTY 5
Size 1/2 frightening humanoid
Perception  12 (+2), darksight
Defense 9; Health 15
Strength 12 (+2) Agility 10 (+0) Intellect 9 (-1) Will 8 (-2)
Speed 10
Sunlight Senstivity Dwellers have 2 banes on any attack or 
   challenge roll while in direct sunlight.

Spear (melee or short range) +2 with 1 boon (1d6)

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