Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Creature Crucible: Mumm-Ra for Labyrinth Lord

Mumm-Ra for Labyrinth Lord
AL C, MV 50, AC 0, HD 13, #AT 1 (claws), 
THAC0 9, DG 1d6, SV 13 cleric, ML 10,  Mumm-Ra is a 13th level magic-user, but he can cast spells from the cleric and magic-user spell list, XP 2400

The demon sorcerer Mumm-Ra is the self-proclaimed "ever-living source of evil" in the world, having powers of sorcery and an apparently unlimited lifespan. He is, in fact, a bound servant to the Ancient Spirits of Evil (represented by four anthropomorphic statues of a boar, crocodile, vulture, and ox thus resembling oversized twisted mockeries of Egyptian canopic jars, within the burial chamber of his pyramid), who provide him with increased power and virtual immortality to further his pursuit of spreading their dark influence throughout the multiverse.

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