Saturday, August 4, 2018

Hackable: Shadow of the Labyrinth Lord

While I am a fan of Old School DnD and Labyrinth Lord, in particular, I really enjoy Robert J. Schwalb's masterpiece, Shadow of the Demon Lord.

It got me thinking about running LL using the SotDL engine.

Here is the rundown of how that would be implemented:

You would use LL's Ability Scores, but they would work like they do in SotDL. E.G., a STR of 12 would be a +2 to a STR Challenge Roll.

Starting Hit Points would be equal to CON and you would gain 2 to 4 HP per level.

Defense would replace AC and your base Defense would be equal to DEX. Use SotDL's equipment list.

Saving Throws would map out to Ability Challenge Rolls:
  Breath Attacks = DEX
   Poison or Death = CON
   Petrify or Paralyze = CON
   Wands = DEX
   Spells or Spell-Like Devices = WIS

Challenge rolls equal the same as they do in SotDL.

Skills or Class Abilities grant a Boon on a Challenge Roll.

My goal is to keep magic as it works in LL.

I intend to work some class breakdowns.

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