Saturday, August 4, 2018

#RPGaDAY 2018: Day 1 - 5

Day 1: What Do I Love About RPGs? I love getting together with people friends, laughing, rolling dice, having a good time, and sharing a story.

Day 2: What Do I Look For in a RPG? I prefer hit points, a unified system, and something easy to learn. These days my favorite game is Shadow of the Demon Lord.

Day 3: What Gives a Game Staying Power? Hmmm...from a publishing perspective, cool hook and neat mechanics, a cult following at minimum. At my table, if it's fun it stays. We stick mostly with DnD 5E and Shadow of the Demon Lord. We've waled away from Feng Shui, the Cypher System, Savage Worlds, and FAE.

Day 4: Most Memorable NPC? Gutenburg, a giff guard on the paraelemental plane of mud, who worked for the city of Pelm.
He was foul-mouthed and nosy. His personality came to me, like an lightning bolt, in an instant.

Day 5: Favorite Recurring NPC? Krent D'Midnite. A mustache twirling tiefling who thinks he's a criminal mastermind and ALWAYS wears a cape.

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