Sunday, April 2, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: A is for Hex 0101

I want to apologize for being late to start, yesterday was my 17th Wedding Anniversary and I had a date night with my better half.

This year for the A to Z Blog Challenge, I'm working up a Hex Crawl for the many editions of Dungeons and Dragons Role Playing Game and it's Retroclones amongst the Old School Revival.

In Table Top RPGs, some settings or adventures are described as Sand Boxes, where the story is driven by where the player's decide to go. A Hex Crawl is a Sand Box that is broken into numbered hexes on a map. 

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.

Without further ado:


The Boneweaver Clan of hobgoblins have established a stronghold in the northwest known as Skymetal Keep. It is an ancient fortress established by the Old Empire which they have renovated and reinforces. The fortress was the sight of the massacre of Imperial General Heroditus Kemp and 400 of his most loyal soldiers who failed to hold back the barbarian hordes of Chief Gorgo Ebonmaul's Great Alliance, which went onto sack Marowick and Ember Hall
   The Boneweavers are being led Yvelda Rivenheart (DnD5: Hobgoblin Warlord, Wis 15; DnD B/X: HD 3+1)who claims to be the grandaughter of their dark god, Maglubiyet. The Clan is 300 strong and the Rangers of nearby Fort Buckler claim she has sent diplomats to the Angry Maw and Stonekiller hobgoblin Clans to the North and West, respectively.

Lucard Montclief(DnD5: 5th Level Half-Elf Hunter Ranger; DnD B/X: 5th Level Fighter) commander of Fort Buckler, which is south of Skymetal Keep, is imploring the nearby Duchy of Saint Cuthbert for resources and reinforcements, but the only aid given thus far are bonus funds for those willing to serve two years with the Rangers at the Fort.

Many adventurers have also sought the location of the cairn of Chief Ebonmaul, as legends say he was buried with many treasures (DnD5: 2d10 50 gp Gems; DnD B/X: Type I) and the legendary weapon (DnD5: Giant Slayer Maul; DnD B/X: +1 Mace) whose name he took. It is in the west, marked by larger boulder with a star-shaped hole that goes completely through it.

Terrain is a mix of grasslands and gentle, sloping hills.

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