Wednesday, April 19, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: O is for Hex 0303

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.

The Duchy of Saint Cuthbert continues to dominate the region, with Leiber River flowing through it. The Alabaster Bridge crosses the River here, with the town of Haversham thriving on both sides. The Duchess' youngest brother, Cassius Malifaux (DnD 5E: Male Human Inheritor) has been named Duke and been ruling the town for several years. Cassius is a visionary young man and has many progressive ideas that have proven very successful, thus far.

   However, the Scarlet Brotherhood has been very active in the town, viewing the Bridge as a major strategic holding, and their agents have already begun to manipulate the Duke. Additionally, if they cannot sway Cassius to their cause by year's end, they intend to assassinate him.

In the southeast is the fishing village of Periept, a quaint and friendly place blissfully unaware of a terrible secret. The waters of the River near Periept are surprisingly deep and 300 years ago, long before the village, the Company of the Iron Phoenix battled the Vampiric Sorcerer, Thurston Van Kirk, there. Four of the  seven heroes fell before Qarnak Bonespeaker, a Priest of the Raven Queen, called upon his goddess to curse Thurston, plunging him into the deep waters to trouble mortals no more.
  However, a young woman, Airika Belmont (DnD 5E: 2nd Level Female Tiefling Order of the Awakened Mystic; DnD B/X: 2nd Level Magic-User), has contacted Thurston and he has convinced her that he was wronged centuries ago and needs to be freed. Belmont, whose never been treated well by the villagers since she is a tiefling, has been an easy target for the charming vampire.
She is looking to find help from any nearby adventurers in seeking several items that Thurston assures her will free him. 

Terrain is flat green plains.

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