Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A to Z Challenge 2017: C is for Hex 0103

Each Hex is 6 miles, and I used Hexographer to create my map.

To the east is Wake a trading post founded by the Old Empire, though it has fared mostly for itself for the last 150 years and these days has deeper ties to its eastern neighbors in the Duchy of Saint Cuthbert.
   Wake is run by Sheriff Janey Kraus (DnD5: Female Human Folk Hero) and her two Deputies Mara Perine (DnD5: Female Half-Orc Outlander) and Oak Hammerswing (DnD5: Male Dwarf Mercenary Veteran). The town's normal population is 90 with miners in the surrounding hills taking that number up to 150. However, during peak trade season, a tent city surrounds the area and the population swells to 300.
   Platinum was discovered in the area and led to Wake's founding 180 years ago, though those mines have been dry for at least 50 years. However, less than a decade ago, iron and adamantine were discovered, leading to a resurgence in mining interest. 
   Wake has a large inn, the Den, owned by Rupert Mert (DnD5: Male Gnome Guild Merchant); the Lily, a house of ill repute owned by Tiera Gunney (DnD5: Female Half-Elf Courtier); and a general store, known as the Fix, owned by Coal Moaa (DnD5: Male Dragonborn Far Traveler and a spy for the Scarlet Brotherhood who has been told to keep an eye out for information pertaining to a tome, Thoda Primeval).

A manticore stalks the north and rumors about the Boneweaver hobgoblins seeking to recruit it have found their way to Wake.

A small flight (2d6) of pegasus graze to the southwest, and a hulking hermit (DnD5: Zepha The Vigilant, a Female Goliath Acolyte of Sehanine) has been guarding them for the last several years and even travels with them.

A colony of 20 thri-keen make their home to the south, though they are reclusive by nature, the Rangers of Fort Buckler have established a rapport with them and receive scouting reports on the Coven of Doommeet to the south from the colony.

Terrain is a mix of grasslands and flowing hills, but as you head south the land flattens out and the vegetation becomes less healthy as it encoaches on the lands of dominated by the Doommeet.

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