Sunday, April 9, 2017

Villains & VIgilantes: Sekhmet

Codename Sekhmet
Name Abigail Hajjar
Birthplace Egypt
Species Human
Culture Modern
Age 26
Gender Female

Strength 41
   Save 12
   Carrying Capacity 61,440 lbs.
   Base HtH Damage d10+d12
Endurance 12
   Save 11
Agility 9
   Save 10 (+3 to Hit)
Intelligence 13
   Save 11
Cool 15
   Save 11
   Initiative d6+1
Hit Points 25
Healing Rate 1.6

Power 70
Physical Defense 3
Mental Defense 7
Movement 14
Inventing Points 7
Weight 150 lbs.
Mass Roll d6

Background (City Planner)
   Engineering +3
   Government +3
   Finance +3
Motivation Glory Hound
Wealth d8+1

Origin Mutated
Offensive Abilities
   Heightened Strength 20/ +20 Strength, +3 to Hit
   Flame Blast 20/ 2d6 damage, 17" range (Costs 2 PR)
Defensive Abilities
   Heightened Defense 20/ +4 to Both Defneses
   Flame Aura 10/ d6+1 damage (Costs 1 PR) 

Miscellaneous Abilities
   Fiery Flight 20/ 16"/256" (87 mph/mach .11) 
   Low Self Control (Never backs down from a fight) 10

Abigail's parents immigrated to the U.S. from Egypt when she was 2 and her father, a professor of economics, and her mother, a successful real estate agent, helped foster her interest in inevestment and politics. She is both the youngest and first Muslim City Planner in Rhine City's history.

What Abigail did not know until she was 19 was that her parents chose to emigrate from Egypt when the learned that their daughter was a mutant and they feared the increased prejudice in their homeland.

Abigail remained blissfully ignorant of her unique genetic gifts until she was attacked going to a night class on the campus of the University of Rhine City. Her strength kicked in first and she knocked her attacker back nearly 30 ft. By the time her flame powers erupted the man was whimpering and begging for mercy. However, just before the Metro Police arrived, fear of what she had just done made her flee the scene by flying off.

Over the years, Abigail has dedicated time as the costumed vigilante, Sekhmet, but her career has always been her priority. She currently is wanted for questioning by the Metro Police due to eye witness reports that she assaulted Ares 9, a vigilante visiting from Atlanta.

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